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Email me with *nonurgent* questions or comments at DrKim at DrKimMD dot com.

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  1. Melissa Kerin

    Hey Kim,
    I love it!! You’ve done a wonderful job setting this up. I look forward to visiting the blog often. I’m not sure how this works, but I thought I’d post a question for you to answer. So, Elsa (16 months) is not the best eater these days. I’ve read a million things on various websites about toodlers and eating, but I’d like to know what you think. This is the situation: she doesn’t eat ANY vegetables except some avacado on occassion; she regularly skips meals (so, has on a good day she has two meals and a bit of a snack); and much of her diet is diary (milk appx. 20 oz. and cheese) and bread (whole grain, but still…). This seems a horrible diet to me. Though I introduce different things to her, she doesn’t seem to like much of anything else. How many calories should she have in a day and should I just give her a multivitamin and not stress about this??

    • knewell72

      Thanks for your thoughts! I’ll answer your question about Elsa (famous as one of the most-depicted-in-photos on this blog) in my next blog post!