On Timing (or my excuse for letting my blog lie fallow)

Though it was terribly sad that my sister was unable to attend, we were thrilled that her daughter Kylie consented to sharing the day of her second birthday with us.  We had a birthday brunch for Kylie and then in the afternoon we dressed up in our finest duds and got married.  Kylie was gorgeous in her fancy dress, and took her position as the smallest flower girl very seriously.  Though the audience encouraged her to throw the rose petals along the way, she already knows that timing is vital, and waited to dump the whole bucket at the feet of her father.  

Our astouding photographer also knows about timing and captured the moment beautifully.

Having completed that exciting event in my life, I am now ready to jump back into the blogosphere and continue writing about child health and parenting.

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One response to “On Timing (or my excuse for letting my blog lie fallow)

  1. Christy

    Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you. I think “shared” special days are wonderful and I know Kylie will appreciate it more and more each year. January 17th will always be a day to celebrate life and life anew!!!

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