It’s All Fun And Games Until Someone Pokes An Ear Out

I have been getting great pleasure from parents telling me about how their children evoke my name at home (ah, the ego).
A 3-year-old patient of mine recently got a *very* small splinter and said to her mother:  “If this doesn’t get better soon I’ll have to go and see Dr. Kim.”  I think she is displaying excellent judgment in her self care, quite precocious in fact.
Sometimes, however, it seems that my name is a source of less positive behaviors.  A mother told me that her 2 1/2-year-old son was playing with another child’s doctor kit at a party.  As he placed the toy stethoscope on his playmate’s chest, my patient said “I’m Dr Kim, and I’m going to listen to your heart.”  It turns out that I am the pediatrician for both of these children and thus ensued, the mother related, quite a struggle between these two doctor proteges about who was going to be my namesake in their games.  Not exactly the way that I used to imagine boys fighting over me, but beggars can’t be choosers.
Today, however, a story from a mom gave me pause when thinking about the power that my words may have on the actions of my patients.  While playing, her 4 year old attempted to stick a carrot into his ear.  “Don’t do that!” she scolded.  “But Dr. Kim does,” he replied, quite pleased with himself.
In my attempts at distraction, I do frequently search for carrots in the ears of small children.  A word to the wise:  I think I’ll switch to butterflies.

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3 responses to “It’s All Fun And Games Until Someone Pokes An Ear Out

  1. Beth

    Dr. Kim,

    Our daughter put cheerios in her ears this morning. “Do you like my earings Mommy?” With a little encouragement they were removed. Food for thought, what happens when something gets lodged in the ear canal? Straight to the doctor? Rinse with warm water? Gentle use of the nasal aspirator? Cheerios seem harmless enough…


    • knewell72

      Beth: That’s quite a creative daughter you’ve got! I do frequently find objects in children’s ears–even sometimes things that have been there for some time and are coated with ear wax. If the object is soft and easily dissolvable like a cheerio, rinsing *gently* with warm water would probably be safe and effective. But for anything else, yes, a visit to your neighborhood pediatrician is definitely warranted.
      Best of luck on your little one’s fashion career,
      Dr. Kim

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